• Acrylic nail extensions

  • Pink & white acrylic nail extensions

  • Acrylic nail extensions ombre

  • Gel overlays on acrylics

  • Removal of acrylics when reapplying

  • Removal of acrylics & mini manicure

  • Acrylic infills (includes 2 repairs)

  • Pink & white infills (includes 2 repairs)

  • Individual nail repairs

  • Tidy & polish of enhancements

  • File & paint

  • Nail art on fingers

  • Nail art on toes



  • Mini Manicure File, hand & arm massage, nail paint.

  • Manicure Nail & cuticle tidy, hand & arm massage, nail paint.

  • Manicure with French As above plus French polish.

  • Mini Pedicure File, foot & lower leg massage, nail paint.

  • Pedicure Nail & cuticle tidy, foot & lower leg massage, nail paint.

  • Pedicure with French As above plus French polish.

  • Luxury Manicure - With exfoliant and masque, followed by heated mitts and massage - includes the basic manicure treatment.

  • Luxury Pedicure - With exfoliant & masque, followed by heated booties & massage - includes the basic pedicure treatment



A treatment specific for any areas of hard, dry skin and calluses on the feet.

  • Callus Peel 1 area (soles or heels on both feet)

  • Callus Peel 1 area & toes polished (soles or heels on both feet)

  • Callus Peel 2 area (soles & heels on both feet)

  • Callus Peel 2 area & toes polished (soles & heels on both feet)

  • Add Gel on toes to your Callus Peel treatment

  • Add Gel on toes with Magpie Glitter



The non-chip nail colour that strengthens & promotes the growth of natural nails.
(All Gels include soak off if required)

  • Gel Overlay with Magpie Glitter

  • Gel Overlay Colour

  • Gel Overlay French

  • Bio Sculpture Gel Extensions

  • Bio Sculpture Gel Infills

  • Gel on toes

  • Gel with pedicure

  • Gel Removal (includes tidy & polish)

  • Gel Removal

  • Gel on toes

  • Gel on toes



For any of our treatments or services, you can book your next appointment online now.


We kindly ask that from the 19th July clients respect the safety of our staff and other clients by continuing to wear a face covering when in salon.
For the safety of my staff and others we will all keep wearing our face masks throughout your treatments and we will still wear our face masks and visors for all close contact treatments.
At Pinx we have worked so hard to keep everyone safe during such a challenging time and we want to continue to do this, therefore Pinx will be keeping all of our safety measures in salon and our thorough cleaning regimes and hand sanitisers will remain in place.
Please remember to cancel your appointment if you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms and we will always do our best to rearrange your appointments.
As we move forward into step 4 I would personally like to thank, you our wonderful and supportive clients, Pinx wouldn’t be where it is today without you all.